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 Foam letters and numbers like these designed to be played with in a bath tub, can be used for so much more than bath time.  This is how my son learned to read fluently by the time he was 3 years old.  Of course, the results are different for everyone.  Not every child will read at age 3.  But, these letters helped.  Here's how I used them:

I would sit down to nurse my newborn daughter when my son was 21 months old.  I would bring with me a tub of foam bath letters.  As I sat and nurse her which took approximately 20 minutes or less every 4 hours, I would pull out a foam letter.  I would hand it to him and let him investigate it any way he liked.  I would then say things like, this is an M.  An M says, "MMMMMM!"  The same way I did with pictures of cows, pigs or cats when I would say, "This is a cow, the cow says moo!"  Or, "This is a pig.  the pig says, "Oink."  Or, "This is a Cat.  The Cat says 'Meow!'"  You get the idea!  I presented the letters to him in the same manner I would present pictures of animals or other pictures of word-related items.

The result is that he would pick up a letter and tell me it's name and it's sound.  He eventually (and, it didn't take long) put the sounds together himself.

This concept is an excellent way to provide a solid start to reading for your child!

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