Elephant Ears Education

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Turn your learning into something LARGE and in CHARGE like an ELEPHANT!

Enjoy these unique products, many developed and handmade by my children and I...

Stuffed Cloth Elephant

$ 3.00 USD

This is a stuffed cloth elephant measureing approx. 5" X 3"  The elephant is made out of recycled fabric so each one is unique and the fabrics vary.  The one pictured is out of a blue gingham print with a button eye on both sides.


Recycled Paper Bag Puff Pillow Elephant

$ 1.25 USD

This is an elephant made out of recycled paper bags, handsewn and stuffed to make it pillow-like.  They are great for little hands as they stand 5 1/2" X 3 1/4".  They also make great math counters or scrapbook page accents.  They could even be included on a handmade decorative greeting card or just used like a paper doll, only it's an elephant.


Recycled Cloth Bag

$ 3.00 USD

The bags are made out of recycled fabric, so each one is different and not all as the one pictured.  They measure approxx. 6" wide X 7" tall.  Then, there is a handle as well not included in measurement.

The bags are perfect for carrying math counters, small school supplies such as pencils, erasers, etc. or just about anything else a small hand can imagine.

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